Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rochefort 8

Trappist brews are those beers still brewed by monks in Belgium and the Netherlands. These brews now brewed to fund charitable works in those areas, but were once important for travelers in Europe hundreds of years ago. Trappist brews usually come in a few styles: the dubbel, tripel, and the quadrupel. The tripel is the lightest, followed by the dubbel, and quadrupel. Other specialty beer styles can include stronger dark ales or spiced ales.

A fantastic brew made in Belgium is the strong dark ale brewed by the monks at Rochefort. This brew is a full, brown color with a foam head. Although there is a slight alcohol smell (9.2% ABV) followed by a dark, fruity aroma. This fruit aroma of fig and berry is a contribution of the yeast. Trappist monks have cultivated these yeasts over long periods of time which makes these yeast strains some of the most unique in the world.

The taste of Rochefort 8, a strong dark ale, has a creamy, spicy character and finishes with a sweet, berry aftertaste. One of the best things about this brew is that deep, dark fruit taste that is richly tucked away in a malty brew. Of the Trappist brews, this is one of my personal favorites. The complexity of this beer should make it among the finest Trappist brews.

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