Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Proper Beer Cave

Some friends have commented about me being a “beer geek” when I’ve tried to explain to them how unique or interesting the brew their currently chugging. Others have labeled me a “beer snob” when I display my distaste with them drinking Bud Light. I’ve NEVER heard them complain about how I keep my various beers in a closet in our condominium. I have a separate dorm-style refrigerator that is only meant to keep my beer, which is to say those interesting craft beers from around the world that I manage to find in our area. I also keep all of my various beer glassware above the frig. Having the actual glass from the brewer allows you to try the beer in the exact glass that the brewery intended (it does make a deference, but I’ll get to that later). At the least, I think you should have the proper style glass to try a beer (e.g., ale, wheat, pint glasses, chalices for dark Belgian beers). These glasses never have anything in them other than beer and the water to wash them between beers. I heard a rumor that throwing a different fluid in the glasses might later slightly alter a taste-testing later, such as milk. Whether this is true has kept me from being very protective of those glasses. I have a few chilling down in the small freezer section of the frig. I keep my homebrewing supplies on the shelves above and on either side of the fridge. In the pictures, you can see one fermenter and the boil pot. My wife has provided us with a extra accessories like the banners from some of the brewers that I look up to in terms of their quality and dedication to producing an excellent craft beer (Sam Adams, Guinness, and Sierra Nevada).

In summary, set up an area where you can collect and try any number of brewers and their various styles of beers. Have fun with this. We certainly do. And to take borrow a quotation from the Sam Adams banner, “Take Pride in Your Beer”. Enjoy!

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